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About Program

Project Management Certifications deliver value for more than 2.9 million professionals working in nearly every country in the world to enhance their careers, improve organizational success and further mature the profession.

This program covers the length and breadth of knowledge, understanding and skills one needs to appear for PMI®, PMBOK® and PMP® certifications along with internationally most respected project management tool of Oracle Primavera. Actually this program flags you off starting the journey with the establishment of Project Management Institute, the modules revolve around the evolution of PMBOK® Guide and finally the purpose and criteria for PMP®.

What are the Course Highlights?

  • Earn Government of India Recognized Certificate from NIESBUD
  • Renowned PMP and MCP Certified Faculty with 23 plus years of industry experience
  • 12 hours of Live Virtual Classroom Sessions
  • 18 hours of intensive course material prepared by the experts in the industry
  • 10 hours of hands on MS Project practice exercises
  • 6 hours of Guest lectures from Industry Experts
  • 4 hours of career counseling sessions
  • Weekend classes
  • Continuous Virtual Support by WIISE
  • Class exercises and assignments after every session
  • Industry relevant projects, case studies, exercises, assignments, etc..

What Will I Learn?

  • Overview of Project Management
  • Project Life Cycle Management
  • Project Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, HR and Communications Management
  • Risk, Procurement and Stakeholder Management
  • Overview and In-depth understanding of Primavera Tool

Who Should Attend?

  • Fresh graduates with management or engineering background
  • Working professionals who are currently working as a part of a team
  • Working Professionals who are managing single or multiple projects
  • Any individual who is aspiring to become a project manager
  • Anybody who wants to learn about the basics of project management
What You Will Cover?

Data, Navigating, and Layouts

Topics Covered
  • Describe enterprise and project-specific data
  • Log in
  • Open an existing project
  • Navigate in the Home window and Activities window
  • Open an existing layout
  • Customize a layout
  • Save a layout

Enterprise Project Structure

Topics Covered
  • Describe the components that comprise the Enterprise Project Structure
  • View the EPS

Creating a Project

Topics Covered
  • Create a project
  • Navigate in the Projects window
  • View and modify information in Project Details

Creating a Work Breakdown Structure

Topics Covered
  • Define a Work Breakdown Structure
  • Create multiple levels of a WBS hierarchy

Creating Relationships

Topics Covered
  • View a network logic diagram
  • Differentiate between the four relationship types
  • Create relationships in the Activity Network
  • Create relationships in Activity Details


Topics Covered
  • Perform a forward and backward pass
  • Identify loops and open ends
  • Calculate a schedule
  • Analyze the scheduling log report

Assigning Constraints

Topics Covered
  • Apply an overall deadline to a project
  • Apply a constraint to an individual activity
  • Add notebook topics to constrained activities
  • Describe the available constraint types

Roles and Resources

Topics Covered
  • Describe roles
  • Views the roles dictionary
  • Describe resources
  • Identify the differences between labor, non-labor and material resources
  • View the resource dictionary

Assigning Roles

Topics Covered
  • Assign roles to an activity
  • Assign rates on roles

Assigning Resources and Costs

Topics Covered
  • Assign resources by role
  • Assign labor, non-labor, and material resources to activities
  • Adjust Budgeted Units/Time for a resource
  • Assign expenses to activities

Optimizing the Project Plan

Topics Covered
  • Analyze schedule dates
  • Shorten a project schedule
  • Analyze resource availability
  • Remove resource over-allocation
  • Analyze project costs

Project Time Management

Once the framework is designed and the scope is defined for a project, adhering to the timelines will show your effective execution skills as a Project Manager. Learn the smart techniques that need to be used to manage time effectively in any project.

Topics Covered

Project Cost Management

Cost management is the process of estimating, allocating, and controlling the costs in a project. It allows a business to predict coming expenses in order to reduce the chances of it going over budget. Learn how to effectively plan and manage the costs of a project.

Topics Covered

Project Quality Management

Quality always overpowers the quantity. Maintaining the best of quality should always be the high priority for any project, be it small or big. Learn techniques that help in easily maintaining the quality standards to be best in the market.

Topics Covered

Project Human Resource Management, Issues and Solutions

Optimum utilization of any resource leads to high success rates. Learn how to utilize the resources in a team, address the issues that raise and provide quick and best solutions for them.

Topics Covered

Project Risk Management

According to all leading Project Management experts and institutes, managing risk is one of the most important skills that any Project Manager should possess. Learn the best techniques that help in managing risk in the right way.

Topics Covered

Project Procurement Management

Procuring the best and appropriate resources for the successful completion and implementation of any project is a skill. It also plays a very key role in the project management as it involves various people starting from external vendors to internal stakeholders.

Topics Covered

Project & Project Management

Understand the fundamental characteristics of a project. The discussion evolves the subject into the need for project management. How the Project Management varies from Operations Management, Program Management and Portfolio Management. What is Strategic planning? What is PMO and how it can help the organizations? What exactly is the role of a project manager? These are some of the questions that the topic addresses.

Topics Covered

Project Life Cycle

The module talks about the Project Life Cycle in comparison with Product Life Cycle. It also discusses the project phases and Project Governance across the Life Cycle. The module ends with a treatise on differentiation between a project and an operational work.

Topics Covered

Organizational Influence

A project is influenced by multiple factors in an organization. Right from the people involved to the policies and the reporting relationships can impose various forces on the project work. The module also discusses how an organization evolves over a period of time by enriching the Organizational Process Assets.

Topics Covered

Project Management Processes

The module discusses about the common project management processes and their interactions. There are 47 processes as per the PMBOK® Guide (Fourth Edition). The module also discusses the classification of these processes under the classic 5 process groups. The module also discusses about the cross matrix of these 5 process groups across 9 knowledge areas.

Topics Covered

Project Integration Management

Project Integration Management includes the processes and activities needed to identify, define, combine, unify, and coordinate the various processes and project management activities within the Project Management Process Groups.

Topics Covered

Project Scope Management

Project Scope Management includes identifying all the work that is required to be done to complete the project. This module starts with Collection of Requirements and encompasses the controlling the changes to the scope.

Topics Covered

Project Communications Management

Project Communications Management includes the processes required to ensure timely and appropriate generation, collection, distribution, storage, retrieval, and ultimate disposition of project information.

Topics Covered

Project Stakeholder Management

This module includes the processes necessary to manage the stakeholders in the project. It discusses the engagement levels of the stakeholders based upon their power/influence/interest in the project.

Topics Covered

Professional Responsibility

Every profession requires a code of conduct and this module precisely discusses what it take to execute a project management effort with highest degree of integrity.

Topics Covered

Discussion on Exam Preparations

The tips and tricks to pass the exam – this module takes on to discuss some of the time tested tips and tricks to pass the PMP® Exam.

Topics Covered


Upon successful completion of the course, assignments, projects and meeting mandatory requirements of National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (NIESBUD) - Noida and World Institute of Innovation, Skills and Entrepreneurship (WIISE) – Hyderabad students will be awarded with Executive Certification in Advanced Project Management with Primavera.


Pallavi Uma Maheswari

The training session is very good,specially kartik(trainer) have explained every thing in detail,Over all it is an excellent experience

Pradeep Behara

It was a very informative and energizing session. Karthik was fantastic in delivering the content and explaining even the trivial things. Kudos!


It is timely informative and prompt information in details

Rathin Banerjee

Applaud the trainer for his training style, stressing on increased trainee engagement and participation, excellent time management, amazing voice and tone modulation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is this course beneficial for me in comparison to the other courses?

  • Following are the compelling benefits for every participant

    • It is very important to learn and listen from the best in the industry to gain practical understanding of the programs. Learn from the faculty who are PMP and MCP Certified with immense amount of experience.
    • Access to exhaustive material Forever
    • Projects, Case Studies, Industry relevant examples and more along with regular practical assignments and exercises after every session. All these are extremely useful for enhancing your CV and impress for enhancing your career or getting into the best role.
  • How much time do I have to spend for this course?

  • 12 hours of live virtual classroom training split over 6 weeks. Along with that, you will be provided with 18 plus hours of reading material, 10 hours of hands on practice exercises, 6 hours of guest lectures from industry experts and 4 hours of career counseling.

    Every participant will be expected to spend a minimum of 6 – 7 hours per week apart from the classroom sessions during the course duration.

  • When will the classes be conducted?

  • This program will be conducted during the weekend for the convenience of working professionals.

    Live classes will be scheduled every Saturday and Sunday for 2 hours each for a span of 6 weeks.

  • Where should I attend the classes?

  • The classes will be conducted on our WIISE Online Academy. There won’t be any necessity of travel. The WIISE Online Academy will support a direct interaction between the participants and the faculty.

  • What if I miss the class?

  • Not to worry! All the recorded sessions will be available to download. Even if you miss the class, you can view or download the recordings and see the class as per your convenience.

  • Will I be given any technical support for the Online Academy?

  • WIISE Support team will always be available for any sort of support that might be required before – during – after the course.

  • What Certification will I get?

  • All the participants who perform well in all the projects and submit all the assignments on time and maintain a minimum of 80% attendance will be provided with a Course Completion Certificate from WIISE.

    All the participants who maintain a minimum of 50% attendance and partially submit the assignments will be provided with a Participation Certificate from WIISE.

    For all the participants who want to be recognized by the Government of India, there is an option to apply for NIESBUD (National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development) through WIISE.

  • How will the projects in this course help me?

  • Our program involves many projects. These will be initiated at the beginning of the program. You have an opportunity to gain experiential learning. As you learn new concepts in every class, you apply them in the projects and the other assignments. This will give an opportunity to work on real-time details and builds on ones experiences. Doing these projects successfully will tremendously enhance your CV.

  • What kind of Career Support can I expect from this course?

  • We will refer you to all the top notch companies. We will support you in developing your resume and preparing for the interviews. However, we do not give any guarantee on placements or calls from the companies.

    We will keep updating / highlighting your profile to all the top-notch companies and they will revert back to you as and when there is a requirement.

  • Will I get any inputs on how to get the Project Management / Program Management Certifications?

  • Yes, you will be briefed on all the leading Project Management Certification like PMP, MCP, PgMP, Primavera, etc… and how to prepare for the same.

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