New business start-ups usually have an initial tough time financially. The office needs to be rented or purchased, infrastructure needs to put in place and there are umpteen other expenses. Unlike larger and established players, start-ups usually cannot afford to pay their employees fat salaries. There exists a widespread misconception that the pay check alone and monetary incentives keep employees highly motivated. While most of the employees work for money it is a fact that some of them desire other forms of appreciation. Quite a few folks are motivated by non-monetary factors. We look at some ways of motivating staff in start-ups without using the usual incentives.

1. Praise :

Praise may be given in private or in public. This depends upon the personality of the employee. If the concerned staff feels embarrassed or uncomfortable about receiving public praise, then better do it in private. However, some people do welcome and are elated at publicly being acknowledged and appreciated.

2. Consult them :

Always keep lines of communication open with your employees. Take their ideas and make it a point to acknowledge their contribution. Lend a helpful ear to their problems at the work place. Remember that they are sensitive human beings and not cold machines.

3.Organise social events :

All work and no play makes jack a dull place. This old phrase rings true in the workplace as well. No one likes to work day in and day out without some amount of entertainment in between. Organize picnics, movie shows, tickets to concerts and other fun activities to deserving staff.

4. Have a wall of fame in place :

You can have a chart positioned right at the entrance of your office praising and congratulating high performing employees. Everyone will then know about the latter’s achievements and valuable contributions to the organization.

5. Give a better job title :

You may not be able to give more money to your employees. But you can definitely give better sounding job designations or more interesting job titles. It adds to the self-esteem of the concerned employee and makes him or her feel more important.

Brainstorm with your staff to come up with more effective ideas to drive up their morale. Learn what motivates them and implement the knowledge swiftly in your work place. Remember a well-motivated work force will do wonders to your start-up’s performance as well as reputation.

Employees in Startups are more buddies than actual employees. It is important for the Founders to engrain the spirit of camaraderie and belongingness amongst the staff.

Enjoy building a Successful Organisation.

Vijay ketan Mitra

CEO, Founder and Executive Coach

Vijay is a visionary leader who drives the business and growth at PositiveShift International. Vijay is also a Business/Startup coach, who helps people to build scalable ventures.