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Learn skills that matter, from world-class experts. Advance your career and passions, achieve your goals.
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Executive Certification Programs for your next career move

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Become Digital Marketing Expert

Earn Rs. 5 – 7 lakhs a year
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Become Supply Chain Expert

Earn Rs. 8 – 15 lakhs a year
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Become Business Analytics Expert

Earn Rs. 6 – 10 lakhs a year
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Become Entrepreneur

Follow your passion
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Fundamentals of Project Management with MS Project

Earn Rs.6 – 9 lakhs per year
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Advanced Project Management with Primavera

Earn Rs. 6 – 9 lakhs per year
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Program Management with MS Project and Primavera

Earn Rs.12 – 21 lakhs per year
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Our Approach to Learning

WIISE Global

Learn skills that matter with World-class Experts

We have on-boarded world-class subject matter experts and reputed institutes with their cutting-edge programs.

WIISE Global

Advance your Career and Passions

Choose from wide range of flexible courses whether through Live Virtual classrooms or Self paced courses

WIISE Global

Earn Certifications and celebrate growth

We offer Career counselling and career growth assistance to our learners upon successful completion of the program

Transform the way your team performs

Offer world-class skill-based training programs to all employees, teams,
groups (more than 5-people) for your business, school, or government organization.
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